Mini Money Makers

I grew up with big dreams in my heart.

Big, unconventional dreams.

And for as long as I can remember, being my own boss was something I longed for.  I recognized very early on that as long as I was working for someone else, I wouldn't ever be able to live for myself.  And I really didn't want to spend the rest of my working life having someone tell me I couldn't attend my child's school concert, or feeling guilty for taking a day off if I was sick.

Entrepreneurship wasn't just the answer.  It was the only answer.  So, what was the problem?  Well, if you're anything like me, you've likely come to realize... it can be fucking hard.

Not because of the steps it takes to get you there.  The how-to's are actually quite simple.  For me, it was learning how to get the hell out of my own way!  Once I figured out how to do that... the rest fell into place surprisingly easily.

Why Am I Qualified To Teach You?

• I started my first business in 2011 as a Photographer/Photoshop Teacher and have created multiple digital courses, programs & products which I've sold to hundreds of students in over 17 countries all over the world.

• I've grown a 5-figure email list from zero - twice.

• I still have a successful (Photography) YouTube channel that makes me a passive growing income every single month (even though I haven't posted a video in over 3 years)!

• And I have a passion (and skill) for simplifying complex problems, providing clients with result-driven solutions, and infusing it all with a ton of kick-you-in-the-ass motivation.

On The Personal Side Of Things...

• I'm a proud single Momma of two (Sadie & Landon - pictured below). Some days they drive me to drink 🀦🏻‍♀️ (🍷 of course).

• I also love chocolate 🍫, Starbucks β˜•οΈ, romantic comedies πŸ’• and yoga pants πŸ‘–(not necessarily in that order).

• I come from a big Italian family (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding big) where we're all in eachothers lives and in eachothers business all the time! Sometimes it's great... sometimes it's not so great! (Mostly it's great!)

• I didn't learn how to cook a dinner meal until just last year! Yes, I'm serious. 😳

• Emoji's are my jam ❀️. Can you tell? πŸ˜‚

• And I swear like a sailor when I'm passionate about what I'm saying. So, if adult language offends you, I'm probably not your girl πŸ‘§.


So, in closing, I just want to give you some tough love, and that's this:

It is highly likely (and I believe this with every fiber of my being) that the ONLY thing standing in between the life you're living now and the life of your biggest, greatest, wildest dreams... is YOU. I know that might be hard to hear. It was really hard for me to hear too.

But my mission now is to help you overcome this by giving you the tools and strategies (as well as the motivational kick-in-the-butt you'll need) to get your business ball rolling.

Because I truly, truly, truly believe, that the desires you have for your life are there for a reason, and "If you can dream it, you can do it" (Walt Disney).


You were made for more... and I would love to help you get there.

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