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4 Steps For A Profitable Digital Product Launch

Mar 25, 2021

Have you ever tried to launch a digital product and it flopped? If this has happened to you, you might have been missing one or more of these four steps. I'm diving into them in today's video.

If you'd like to ensure your next launch goes well, there are four things I suggest you implement into your launch strategy.


Step 1 - Build Excitement

It's important to build excitement and anticipation ahead of time before you're ready to launch. Let your audience know weeks in advance that something big or exciting is coming. You could get a little sneaky about it and share some teasers or partial teaser images. Get creative and build this anticipation with your email list as well as on social media.


Step 2 - Share Epic Content

Be sure to share SUPER valuable information during your launch. So, whether you're going live on your feed, promoting it with a webinar, sharing a masterclass, or releasing a video or two, be sure to share some really high-value content that's related to your product topic. You want to give your audience a little taste of what it would be like to work with you. Don't be afraid to share how much knowledge and value you have and what you'll bring to their lives if they chose to work with you.


Step 3 - Create Urgency

Have a start-date and an end-date for your launch. This means your cart will be open and available for ordrs on one day and closed and no longer available on another day. Or you could have a presell price and a regular price, so that the price goes up on a certain day if they don't buy it before then. Perhaps the bonuses go away if they don't buy it by a certain day? Or maybe it will never be available again at this price or for this amount of time. Whatever your method or strategy is, be sure to create some urgency. You need to give them a reason to buy it NOW instead of later.


Step 4 - Nurture Your People

The most important step? Nurture your people. Before your launch, nurture your list. After your launch, nurture your list. Stay engaged and be vailable by continuing to share your really good content. Because even if they didn't buy from you this time, the NEXT time you launch, they will have gotten to know like and trust you a little bit more and may by from you next time. So always, always nurture your people.


If you're able to implement these four things into your next digital product launch, I'm confident you'll see less flopping and more moolah! For more tips and inspiration, be sure to come follow me on Instagram.

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