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How To Plan One Month of Social Media Content in One Day

Jan 01, 2021

It sounds daunting and complex. When I tell people that I create an entire month of social media content in one day, I usually get one of two responses:

• The "Yeah right" eye roll OR

• The "Really? Tell me how!" question.

Creating a month of social media posts in one day isn't daunting or complex. It's simple. But it does take some planning and preparation on your part. So, how do you do it?



Decide what types of content you'd like to share with your audience. What types of posts will delight them and make them excited to engage with you? Do they want to be inspired (quotes)?  Would they want to see tips & advice?  Do they resonate with videos or photos?  Choose content that they want to see.

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Once you've decided on what types of content you'd like to share, you'll need to start collecting and creating it. If you've decided to share photos, you'll likely need to take some, or use some excellent stock photos from websites like or

To create beautiful quotes you could use a program like Photoshop, Canva, or PicMonkey. Note: be mindful of image sizes when creating your images for different platforms. Instagram images are best shared in square 1:1 format. You can use square images on Facebook too, but I think the 2:3 format is preferred.

Another great way to collect content is to save the links of videos, blog posts, or articles you find so that you can share the links in your posts on planning day. I save mine into a Word Document in a "Content Collection" folder on my computer.

Don't forget to collect and share your own content too! This can be blog posts you've written, paid offers you're sharing, videos you've recorded, or opt-ins to your email list. YOUR content is important and should be a good portion of your content collection too.



Before you start scheduling your content out, you're going to want to have a rough plan in place for the month. You'll need to know how many times a day you want to post to each platform and ensure you've collected enough content to schedule.

For Facebook, if you're posting 1-3 times a day, you'll need to collect 30-90 pieces of content. The same goes for Instagram or any other platform you're scheduling for. Make sure that you have enough content saved in your "Content Collection" folder before you start your scheduling.

One really important thing to note is that you can (and should) share the same thing more than once and on more than one platform. No one is reading ALL your stuff across every platform. And if they are, they're a super-fan and likely won't mind seeing the same thing twice or thrice. Sharing and reusing content can save you a ton of time too. If you're preparing a post for Instagram, copy the text and use it for Facebook and vice versa!



There are a ton of different social media schedulers out there, so be sure to choose one that suits your needs. I use Hootsuite and I love it.

Once you have an account, start scheduling your posts for each day of the month on each of your different social media platforms. Be mindful of special days of the month as you may want to post or share something unique on those days (ie: Thanksgiving, or Presidents Day, etc.)


Knowing what it is that you want to share and then collecting and creating your content is the most time-consuming part of this. So to streamline this in the future, save links to interesting articles, videos, or posts when you come across them.  This will save you a ton of time on content creation day!

Creating content and sharing consistently is the best way to improve your visibility and grow your following quickly. Spending one day a month to get 30 days of content created is totally worth it!

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