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How To Start An Online Course Business in 2021

Feb 25, 2021

If you'd like to make an impact without filling your week with a jam-packed schedule of clients and calls, without feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed and you're finally ready to create a business that makes you money on autopilot, an online course business might just be the thing for you!

More and more business owners are switching from private coaching packages to online courses because it allows them to reach and help more people without overworking themselves. It allows them more freedom in their life and business, and if you set it up right, it can be making you money on autopilot... even when you're sleeping.

So, today I'd like to share with you the steps and strategies that I believe you need to be doing and implementing if you want to create or launch your own online course business in 2021.



STEP 1 - Start growing your email list... immediately

Create an amazing intro offer - either a free lead magnet (a freebie) or a low-priced offer (less than $50). You're going to use this to attract your new potential audience, so make sure it's something that's of super high value solves a problem your audience has.

Examples would be things like a PDF, a workbook, a checklist, a masterclass video, free challenge, etc. Something simple that your audience can consume easily and will get them a little bit closer to solving the problem they're having.

** Bonus points if it solves a problem completely!

Start driving traffic to this offer. Your goal here is to get people on your list because your email list will be your business's biggest asset. So what can you create for free, or for a low price that solves a problem your audience has right now?

Go create that thing first and start getting people on your email list!


STEP 2 - Nurture Your List Weekly

Create amazing free content and send it to that list EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. No matter what's going on in your life, no matter what's coming up, make that a priority. Yes, it's going to feel like work, but that's the point. If you want this to BE your job, you have to treat it like your job.

So set up a calendar and schedule your content (written or video - although video is higher converting at the moment), and post it to your blog and/or social and share it with your email list every single week.


STEP 3 - Create Your Signature Digital Product/Course

Now, your online course business actually needs a course! This should be something you're creating in the background of your business while you're doing Steps 1 & 2. Create something amazing. Create something that solves a BIG problem your audience has in their life right now. Remember that people don't buy what you're selling... they buy the transformation your course promises. So, what keeps them up at night and how can you transform their life (with your course) to fix it.

I'm also going to go against the grain here and suggest that you create your online course FIRST and then sell it. I know that's not what the "guru's" tell you to do, but it's what's worked for me. I believe it's really hard to sell something you haven't created yet. So make it good. And make it epic. You can improve and tweak it along the way. Just get it done.


STEP 4 - Launch

Once you have a small list that you've been nurturing for at least a few weeks, and your signature course is created, it's time to launch it to the world! Here are a few quick things to remember when it comes to your launch:

Create some anticipation prior to your launch by letting your email list and your social media audience know that something amazing is coming very soon. Anticipation and excitement are important.

Launch with some really awesome and high-value FREE information. This can be in the form of a webinar or a masterclass or a few short informational videos. But give away some excellent free content related to your course.

Build engagement on social media during your launch. Lots of people freeze up and forget or are just scared to post during their launch. When it's launch time... post about it!

And create some urgency for your launch. This can mean having a set open and close date for your cart. Or give away some "fast-action" bonuses. Or make sure they know the price will be going up the next time you launch. Make it obvious that the right time to buy is NOW.


STEP 5 - Set Up A Funnel and Keep Selling

When your cart closes and your launch is over, set up a simple 3-5 email sequence series that lets any new subscribers who sign up for you free thing in the future, know that you already have this digital product to offer and that they can grab it now. This is called a funnel and it's how you're gonna make sales on autopilot while you're sleeping... and when you're not launching.


STEP 6 - Keep Creating Content

Keep driving traffic to your lead magnet and keep nurturing your email list with amazing weekly content. Don't stop showing up for your people. Those who don't buy right away are still getting to know, like and trust you and may buy from you in the future.


STEP 7 - Rinse and Repeat

Repeat these steps as often as you'd like to create more products or services for your business or to relaunch your current offer again.


STEP 8 - Treat Your New Business Like A Business

Always remember to show up and treat this like your business. I know that it can feel slow at first. Your first launch might not be as successful as you wanted or hoped for, but if you follow these steps and repeat them, you WILL win. Your business will grow. And your sales will increase.


You're setting yourself up for success and whether it happens quickly or slowly, if you do these things you can have a successful course business in 2021.

This is, in a nutshell, how I run my online course business. If you can do this, keep implementing and keep repeating, then the sky is the limit and you'll be well on your way to financial freedom. For more business tips and inspiration, be sure to come follow me on Instagram.

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